We can’t help ourselves. We imagine a better world, with better coffee and better practices. And for as long as “better” exists, we have made this our calling.


The Dedicated Grower
Our traditional Colombian coffee growers from who we buy and process exceptional coffee cherries, while controlling every step of the process.
The Talented Artist
Our “Dalí” behind the fermentation processes. With his insatiable creativity and curiosity, he creates one-of-a-kind profiles that bare our brand’s signature.
The Obsessed Alchemist
Our alchemists that, with great dedication, meticulously oversee the drying process of every bean as it transforms into golden parchment coffee.
The Experienced Technician
Our highly trained technicians who follow strict selection protocols at our wet mill. They are in control of all internal and external variables so that only the best coffee cherries are allowed into production.
The Passionate Founders
Our founders that, inspired by their passion for change, want to challenge the status quo by introducing new technical and commercial concepts that benefit small producers, while helping to preserve our environment.
The Crazy Scientist
Our crazy scientist; crazy about coffee chemistry, crazy about traceability and crazy about cupping. Detailed-oriented and quality obsessed, he is always looking for answers after every sip by connecting the dots to understand how the genetics, origin, picking and processing methods influence the cup.

If you haven’t done so already, take some time to get to know our cast of characters and what inspires us by watching this video:


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