At La Palma & El Tucan, we are very curious. Our curiosity drives us to challenge the status quo in all that we do. After years of working alongside traditional micro-producers, finding the sweet spot in our coffee fermentations, and discovering the taste preferences of our clients, we are confident in saying we are on a path towards a more purposeful development both at origin and beyond.

We are very proud to be Colombian, and to be a part of such a rich coffee-growing tradition. But how do we embrace this tradition while obeying our very curious nature?

Estate & Varietals includes all 13 hectares of our exotic and award-winning varietals. For the last 5 years we have been fostering 4 souls amongst our unique terroirs, each one as rare and unique as the last. These coffees represent only 10% of our limited production, carefully cultivated and processed.

We are committed to investing time and resources into experimenting with different
 processing methods and protocols. This allows us to achieve better cup profiles year by year,  while ensuring the consistency of our previous winning coffees.

This program is a sustainable Coffee Relationship Model that helps small-scale farmers produce top quality coffee with traditional Colombian varieties, such as Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Typica, and Bourbon.

We have identified more than 200 coffee-growing families located within a 10km radius of our farm, from whom we buy and process exceptional coffee cherries, while controlling every step of the process.

The program is designed to offer our neighboring coffee-growing families various different benefits (monetary and non-monetary) that help us incentivize them to become an active part of this industry. Together we can commit to the highest quality standards possible, while focusing on innovative practices that protect our ecosystem, our land, our home. At the end of the day, we as farmers are the guardians of our own environment.

Neighbors & Crops is designed to revitalize the coffee-growing culture in our region.

To learn more about this project, including what we offer our growing partners, read about our Love & Care

Neighbors & Crops is designed to revitalize the coffee-growing culture in our region.

LA PALMA & EL TUCAN COFFEE ADVENTURES is a coffee experience straight at the source, here at origin. Designed to bridge the gap between coffee lovers and what lies behind their everyday cup of coffee. This is not your average farm tour. We have designed the experience to be highly active, engaging, and educational at every turn, be it at the greenhouse, picking coffee on the fields, in the laboratory, or at the mill.

Located only 90 minutes away from Bogota, this region is blessed with exuberant nature that offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Coffee & Adventure is designed to share the magic of our world with you.

The relationship between Coffee Producer and Barista is fascinating, because they are wholly interdependent, and at the same time a world apart. Without the Barista, the Producer has no vessel through which to express their labor; without the Producer, the Barista has no material with which to express their craft. And yet, many coffee growers have never tasted their own coffee, and most baristas can only dream of setting foot on a coffee estate at origin.

With details to come, we will soon be offering a proposition for resolving this disconnect for the barista whose heart waits at origin.

Origin & Craft is designed to enhance and celebrate the bond between the Barista and the Producer.


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