If future generations are going to continue the coffee legacy, it has to make economic sense! We empower our growing community through both of our programs so that they feel proud of what they do best: grow exceptional Colombian coffee.

Coffee’s slow maturation and market volatility discourages younger generations from maintaining legacy farms, often times seeking new opportunity in cities like Bogota (with little success). If future generations are going to continue their legacy, it has to make economic sense. The following are some of the things that we offer to our producing partners:

  • We pay over 70-100% more than the highest price set in our region by the FNC.***
  • To help lower costs and improve quality, we provide our Neighbours with a team of highly-trained cherry pickers to take on their farms during harvest. We organize and provide transportation, food, and shelter for the entire labor force during harvest season.
  • At the end of a full day of picking, we also provide transportation of their coffee in cherry to our farm. Additionally, we finance and subsidize an important portion of our Neighbors’ cherry-picking costs.
  • We create a transparent community where agronomical assistance and organic fertilizers are provided as a collaborative effort to educate and learn from one another.

Moreover, we believe this project gives our Neighbors hope for a better world with a cared-for ecosystem and delicious coffee. Their proximity to production and sales gives them and their profession the acknowledgment they need in order to feel proud of what they do best: grow exceptional Colombian coffee.

Learn more by downloading our 2021 Transparency Report.

Sustainability is a popular buzzword in coffee, and the industry as a whole continues to set a good example of better, more conscious practices throughout the supply chain. We know that sustainability needs to be a pillar in all that we do, but this can still be an elusive concept for many, often driven by emotions more than facts.

Below are some ways we are striving to sustain our romance:

  • Financial and technical support are paramount to sustaining our coffee-growing families, but still you cannot eat money or even coffee! To further address lapses in sustainability, we’ve become a 100% organic agroecological farm that is setting an example for our community. With this model, we are sharing with our neighbors a means to better support themselves and their families financially and nutritionally, while leaving the land enriched and viable for generations to come.
  • We support and promote progressive initiatives that help educate and empower the local community, the reforestation of native plants, and stimulating the local agro-economy.
  • We incentivize quality and loyalty through additional premiums. For example, those farmers who follow environmentally friendly practices receive our Organic Premium: a monetary bonus paid over every kilo of cherry they sell to us.
  • At the end of every harvest, our team prepares and distributes quality organic compost to all members of our Neighbors & Crops Program, giving 1kg of compost for each 1kg of cherry sold to us.

Innovation is part of our DNA.

We are committed to investing time and resources into experimenting with different processing methods and protocols year by year. This allows us to achieve better cup profiles each harvest while ensuring the consistency of our previous winning coffees.

Our Why and How. What we challenge and how we challenge it.