We are very proud to be Colombian and to be a part of such a rich coffee-growing tradition. But how do we embrace this tradition while obeying our very curious nature?
Estate & Varietals include all 15 hectares of our exotic and award-winning varietals. Amongst our unique terroirs we have fostered different exotic varietals; each one as rare and unique as the last. These coffees represent only 10% of our total production, carefully cultivated and processed. We present them to you in 3 categories that reflect the utmost care and attention to detail.

This is the culmination of sacred traditions, the absolute prized treasure of those deemed Legends. These pico-lots have been carefully groomed by passionate guardians to reach perfection. Comprising only 1% of our farm’s production, this series scores at a minimum of 91 points. Presented in 12.5kg bricks.

This is the result of impressive feats, battles proving strength and bravery, a true gem admired for its scoring achievements and noble cupping qualities. Making up 10% of our farm’s production, this series scores above 89 points Presented in 12.5kg boxes.

This series is for those Wanderers on the quest for the diamond in the rough. For those willing to go far and long for that slight touch of juicy and delicious. This series scores above 87 points. Presented in 22,5kg bags.

For samples inquiries please contact Equation Coffee, our exclusive representatives for exports. sales@equationcoffee.com