At La Palma & El Tucan, we are very curious. Our curiosity drives us to challenge the status quo in all that we do. And when the status quo is no longer good enough, exciting possibilities emerge. Let’s explore just what’s possible.

We are very proud to be Colombian, and to be a part of such a rich coffee-growing tradition. But how do we embrace this tradition while obeying our very curious nature?

With Estate & Varietals, we celebrate our tradition by challenging it: We have planted our farm with the most exotic coffee varietals available. With the utmost care and attention to detail, we cultivate and process these coffees to be only the most extraordinary and rare. We are thrilled that in 2015 our first microlots of Geisha, SL-28, Sidra and Typica will be available to those roasters who are in search of what has yet to be discovered.

Estate & Varietals is designed to challenge and redefine the status quo for Colombian coffee.


We will always insist on quality, and we will never forsake community. If one is without the other, then nothing is gained.

As the first seeds were being sown on our farm, we reached out to over 200 coffee-growing families in our area. Once we better understood the challenges they were facing, we could see a clear opportunity for all.

The producers in our region have limited market-access and little incentive for quality beyond quantity. In turn, they receive a standard price for a standard product. By working with our neighbors on better farm practices, using our team of specially-trained pickers, and by processing their coffee at our state-of-the-art wet mill, we can elevate their coffee to a quality level and market before unreachable.

By way of our proprietary processing methods, the result is a limited collection of microlots as unique and special as the people that grow them, the people that roast them, and the people that enjoy them.

To learn more about this project, including what we offer our growing partners, read about our Love & Care

Neighbors & Crops is designed to revitalize the coffee-growing culture in our region.

Throughout 2015, we will be completing construction of several cabins or “ecohabs” on our farm. Initially available to our esteemed roasting partners, we are excited to make them available to all coffee pilgrims in the near future. Stay tuned for another way to Join the Movement.

Coffee & Adventure is designed to share the magic of our world with you.

The relationship between Coffee Producer and Barista is fascinating, because they are wholly interdependent, and at the same time a world apart. Without the Barista, the Producer has no vessel through which to express their labor; without the Producer, the Barista has no material with which to express their craft. And yet, many coffee growers have never tasted their own coffee, and most baristas can only dream of setting foot on a coffee estate at origin.

With details to come, we will soon be offering a proposition for resolving this disconnect for the barista whose heart waits at origin.

Origin & Craft is designed to enhance and celebrate the bond between the Barista and the Producer.


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