Our coffee tells our story. We share our story only with those who are as discerning, dedicated and different – like us. We have laid down the canvas and invite these rare artisans to add their own signature to this story.

To taste the conclusion of this year’s chapter, locate and contact one of our Roasting Partners on the interactive map below:

To taste the conclusion of this year’s chapter, locate and contact one of our Roasting Partners on the interactive list below:

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  • Asia Client List

    Cafe Cermado
    Tainan, Taiwan

    Cafe Chamber
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Caffe du Cour
    Tainan, Taiwan

    Coffeeling Cafe
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    Little Case Cafe
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Louisa Coffee
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Santa Coffee
    Chia-Yi, Taiwan

    St. 1 Work Studio
    Tainan, Taiwan

    Brew Note Coffee
    Hong Kong

    Fuglen Coffee Roaster
    Tokyo, Japan

    Coffee Stain by Joseph
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Australia Client List

    1645 Coffee Roasters
    Adelaide, Australia

    Aroma Cafe
    Perth, Australia

    Coffee Alchemy
    Sidney, Australia

    The Coffee Barun
    Adelaide, Australia

    Coffee Cartel
    Melbourne, Australia

    Darkstar Coffee
    Perth, Australia

    The Disco Goat
    Blue Mountains, Australia

    Dukes Coffee
    Melbourne, Australia

    Easy Barista Consultants
    Sidney, Australia

    Espresso Syndicate
    Melbourne, Australia

    Golden Cobra
    Sidney, Australia

    Gridlock Coffee
    Melbourne, Australia

    The Grounds of Alexandria
    Sidney, Australia

    Home Cafe & Wine
    Sidney, Australia

    Humblebee Coffee
    Perth, Australia

    The Little Marionette
    Sidney, Australia

    Neli Coffee
    Brisbane, Australia

    The Reformatory Caffeine Lab
    Sidney, Australia

    Roastworks Coffee Co.
    Sidney, Australia

    Rouge Coffee
    Brisbane, Australia

    The Source Espresso
    Sidney, Australia

    Uncle Joe’s Coffee
    Brisbane, Australia

  • Europe Client List

    Taf Coffee
    Athens, Greece

    Casino Mocca
    Budapest, Hungary

    Oslo, Norway

    Langøra Kaffebrenneri
    Stjørdal, Norway

  • North America Client List

    Airship Coffee
    Bentonville, Arkansas

    Blue Copper Roasters
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Bold Bean
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Coffee Labs
    Tarrytown, New York

    Commonplace Coffee
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Commonwealth Coffee
    Denver, Colorado

    Corvus Coffee
    Denver, Colorado

    Katz Coffee
    Houston, Texas

    Jersey City Heights, New Jersey

    Oddly Correct
    Kansas City, Missouri

    Onyx Coffee Lab
    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    PTs Coffee
    Topeka, Kansas

    Tanager Coffee
    Portland, Oregon

    Zoka Coffee
    Seattle, Washington

If you are a roaster interested in joining the movement, contact your distributor


North America

La Palma & El Tucán


Hand Pickers

Greece & Turkey

Taf Coffee


Rest of Europe

Collaborative Coffee Source


Pebble Coffee Co.


What people say

  • “To see and experience your project first hand was eye opening in so many ways.”

    Mike LoveCoffee Labs Roasters
  • “Amazing people, fantastic farm, amazing varieties!”

    Yiannis TaloumisTaf Coffee
  • “You guys could single handedly change Colombian coffee as we know it. ”

    Avi KatzKatz Coffee
  • “It's great to see such passion for producing and processing coffee ”

    Zach BurnettBold Bean Coffee
  • “It has been a truly remarkable experience to not only witness the project in motion, but also to be a part of it.”

    Brent PiepergerdesPT´s Coffee
  • "I truly think that you are doing something truly unique in Colombia and - as a matter of fact - in the world of coffee."  

    Robert ThoresenCollaborative Coffee Source

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