Enjoy a tailor-made visit designed around your interests and preferences.


Your time spent at the farm is multi-fold, whether your idea of a getaway is spent lounging by the mountainside terrace, or learning about coffee production in a guided tour – there is plenty to see and do.

We have carefully selected an assortment of coffee and non-coffee related activities for you to experience during your visit. Active participation is a large part of what makes this such an amazing experience. We have designed the experience for each guest to be highly engaging and educational at every turn. The curious guest is the brightest learner!

Don’t be shy!

Meet and engage with our team and dive as deep as you wish into conversations and real life hands-on moments that will strengthen your understanding of specialty coffee.

Our goal is that after this visit you will return revitalized, illuminated, and changed having learned what really lies behind the cup of coffee that you have every morning.


LEARN about specialty coffee and our sustainable model

CONNECT with our team and dive deep into the world of specialty coffee.

FEEL each unique experience as an active participant

To enquire about possible activities during your stay, please contact us.

I love coffee

This one is for those coffee aficionados who care to expand their knowledge and understanding of specialty coffee. Take a guided tour around the coffee farm, spend some time learning with a professional barista and participate in additional activities to broaden your coffee horizons.

I live for coffee

Is a Coffee 101 class not enough? Consider including additional activities to your visit like professional cupping, coffee cherry picking through the cultivars, or even a specialized one on one intensive class with our trained Barista. Warning: you might love it so much, you just might change professions!

I love nature

If time spent in the outdoors is what you seek, this is the spot for you. Enjoy the mountain views and horizons while on horseback, during a hike, or after a soothing massage in your cabin.